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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  September 16, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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only 3% of you said that the government should not cut off acorn. you are a very well informed audien greta van susteren is standing by to go on the record. see you tomorrow night. greta: this is a fox news alert. there is breaking news tonight in the murder of a 24-year-old yale still did. rick leventhal joins us on the telephone. >> we are waiting for this press conference to begin with the new haven police department. there is also the yale police department who will be speaking. i asked," what are you going to tell us? is there a fugitive on the loose?" i think they may be about to announce an arrest, but they have not confirmed that. this, of course, is in
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relationship to the murder investigation. greta: bring us back to the beginning. this is a young woman who was supposed to get married on sunday. instead, her body was bound, but she was missing for a number of days at yale? >> yes, she was just off the campus to do some research. she checked into the laboratory building in the morning and swiped her card, and then she disappeared, and it was not until days later that bloody clothing was found hidden in the ceiling, and then her body was later discovered stuffed into a wall in the basement laboratory. the police have been very tight- lipped about whether or not they had a suspect in this case, but in a couple of days, local media has been reporting that there was a yale laboratory technician that had emerged as a suspect,
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that had scratches on his chest, that failed a lie detector test, who worked in that laboratory. remember, greta, this is a building where unique id to get in, so they had a short list of people who had access -- this is a building where you need i.d. to get in. there was a police stakeout at his home over the past couple of days. we had a crew there today, as well, and they apparently had been looking at him, but they have not confirmed that. tonight though, a hastily called press conference by the new haven police in relationship to the murder, and we are waiting to find out exactly what they are going to tell us. greta: in terms of the building, i am not familiar with that building on the yale campus. i realize is a security building, where you have to swipe a car, but is there a classroom building? go to where you have to swipe a card -- whrere you have to swipe
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a card. >> this is off campus, five stories, big windows on top, but then this laboratory was in the basement. there could have been hundreds of people in the building total that day, but everybody who went there passes through an entrance with a camera trained on it, multiple cameras, and they must pass a magnetic identification card to get entrance into the building, and that is how police knew that this girl had entered at 10:00 a.m., he because she had to swiped her -- 10:00 a.m., because she had to swipe her card, and then they went back and did an extensive search and found her body in the wall in the laboratory. greta: the person that they are
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focusing their attention on, is this person a student or somebody who works at the university or even something of there? >> my understanding, what has been reported, is that this person is a laboratory technician who works with animals, who also had access to that laboratory and was there on the morning that she checked into the building. again we do not know if he has been arrested, but this is the person everyone has been looking at. greta: all right, we know you will be at a press conference. thank you. and tonight, how much worse can it get for acorn? a lot, apparently. there is a tape number four, where an employee is giving advice to another person. these have been given to fox news. here is a tape number four shot
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in california. >> my hero. doing it under cover. having a lot of problems. [unintelligible] and then, you know -- i do not think -- >> emotionally. greta: karl rove joins us live. well, karl, this organization --
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four tapes, and each one is more stunning than the last one. >> she admits to a claim of killing her husband because she thought he was going to abuse her at some point, so she claims that she shot him in the head. i mean, this is an organization that must have a terrific human resources department to hire people like that. greta: a lot of people may not be familiar with acorn. they have gotten a substantial amount of money. >> it is estimated that they have received $53 million from one in government departments alone, at the housing and urban development department, and i guess that they would have received hundreds of millions in funds over the years -- they have received $53 million from one government department alone, the housing and urban development department. an explicitly political range of
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activities, but it also has sort of community service activities, like counseling and social welfare services, and yet, they are mixed together, and money is fungible, and they are doing voter registration on behalf of democratic candidates. greta: it certainly is stunning, what we are seeing. this is not done by the federal government doing an investigation. this is done by private individuals who did this and gave the tapes to fox news. it is stunning to think of all of the money that is being poured out and not monitored, and there are a lot of people at home tonight to do not have jobs and would love to have that money. >> we have not seen the end of these tapes. there were others, including baltimore, brookland, and san bernadino today. -- brooklayn.
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this appears to be corrected from top to bottom. they are some of the worst actors out there. if they come into your town or community to do voter registration, you will find a lot of disney characters on the voter registration rolls. in albuquerque, new mexico, i think it was in sight of. there was an advice cop, where there was the card that his 15- year-old had received, and this kicked off a gigantic investigation by the local media that led to both of the city newspapers editorialized in about the fraud in voter registration conducted by acorn. in albuquerque, new mexico, and the sheriff, one a democrat, when a republican called for an investigation -- one a republican.
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they found a guy with a bunch of bad material and a budget paraphernalia as well as a voter registration cards, absentee ballot requests, and absentee ballots, indeed turned out to be a cuban national on the payroll of -- and he turned out to be a cuban national on the acorn payroll. i am not surprised there is corrupt activity inside of a quorum. -- of acorn. greta: two illinois senator is, they wanted to keep giving money to acorn, and there are others who wanted to, as well. what are they smoking? we figure out where the money is going. >> two things about that. the one that caught me was the new senator from new york, until a brand -- the new one.
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this is in the appropriation bill. so it was a good vote. but it also has to be approved by the house and its version of the bill, which passed earlier this year. they will have to reconcile these, and i will bet you one dynamo $1 that the democrats in the house are going to be far more productive -- and i would bet you one dime to $1 that they are going to be far more protective of acorn. greta: i am sure there are some good, honest people, but this is weeding out the bad ones. karl rove, do not go away. we are going to take a break. and we are watching the news out of new haven,@
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greta: karl rove is still with us. all right, karl, health-care reform, will there be some? >> you would think that obama would get something. how much of it he will get i think is very much up in the air, but you have to think that ultimately he did something that he can claim is health-care reform -- that ultimately he
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will get something. he is making it more difficult. there was is language when he went to pittsburgh for the afl- cio. he is taking the arguments of the concerns of his opponents and denigrating them. taking the concerns of ordinary americans. we saw it last week. , one of the most controversial ones, when he said he was not going to give health care or make it available for illegal aliens, and provoking the outburst by congressman wilson, and they responded to it not by saying it was not true but by saying they would close the loophole. you cannot have it if you are an illegal alien, but they refuse to have a verification procedure, so all you back to do is show up, and you get it. it would require proof of citizenship before they are able to participate in the program, and they voted it down on a near party-line vote. greta: what about getting democrats at this point? >> he keeps saying, "i will not
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sign a bill that adds to the deficit," and the congressional budget office says it adds to the deficit in the house bill, it has 10 years' worth of revenue in budget cuts, medicare budget cuts, and the program does not start for two years, and it takes two more years after that until it ramps up to what is supposed to be. two years in which there is less cost, and yet, despite its big sort of surplus that you start the program out with, -- despite the big surplus, it is $239 billion the first decade, and the cbo says in essence it will be a lot bigger in the next decade. greta: we only have about 45 seconds left, but we went down to honduras and interviewed the interim leader, and the viewers will see that in a few minutes, but tell me. president obama and secretary of
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state clinton have sided with the guy who got ousted. >> of violating the constitution of his country. they picked the wrong horse, and who was asleep at the state department, as the president of honduras attempt to violate his constitution, and one provision says you cannot run for more than a certain number of terms, and you cannot change this part of the constitution, and he was acting in a non-democratic fashion to abrogate that part of the constitution, and we end up stepping in away after he has been forced out by the supreme court and legislature and the military who said, "you do not get to violate that part of the constitution." who is asleep at the state department of this guy was problematic in the bush years, and they had to deal with -- who is asleep at the state department? this guy was problematic. greta: karl rove, thank you.
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up next, congressman joe wilson 's outbursts. was it stupid for your congress to spend the afternoon debating his behavior? was it a good use of their time? is that why you sent them to washington? senator lindsey graham goes on the record. no other network is covering this. the president of honduras has been carried out of the country. president obama and senator clinton insists he be restored to the presidency, but have they been tracked on that? do not go away. my name is chef michael. and when i come home from my restaurant, i love showing bailey how special she is. . i know exactly what you love, don't i? - [ barks ] - mmm. aromas like rotisserie chicken. and filet mignon.
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greta: president obama is in a street fight about health-care
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reform, and he has got some bad news. according to the rasmussen poll, since his speech before the joint session of congress, his approval rating was going up, but that is apparently over. what are his approval ratings now? they are now back to where they were before the speech. 52% of voters are opposed to the plan. what happens now? senator lindsey graham joins us now. the numbers are bad. >> yes, they are. he gave the speech and was going to be on all of the networks and the sunday television shows, so the persian is really pushing this plan, and the american people are not buying -- so the president is really pushing this plan. he is pushing too much big government in too many different ways, he can salvage this. if he continues to be hard- headed, and, frankly, i did not like his speech.
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i thought it was combative. what we are doing here is not bickering. we are having some major disputes with the president, and i think the public is on our side. greta: this is a sensitive issue. your congressman joe wilson from your state had an outburst did it was wrong. today, the rebuke him -- had an outburst. it was wrong. it was said that this was an act based on racism, according to jimmy carter, and i was going to ask you. >> the one thing difference between president carter and myself is that i know joe wilson. i have known him for 15, 20 years. he is a very good man. he has four sons, two of whom are in iraq at the same time. he goes to every event that he can go to in his congressional district. he is a conservative republican.
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he is a good man, and to say that about sometone you do not know -- what he did was wrong. the president was combative. and joe overreacted, and emotions got the best of him, and he quickly apologized. to say that joe wilson is a racist is absolutely unfair and fabricated. greta: this is a tough issue, this whole racism, because we have to be able to have fair criticism of all of our members, white and african-american, and how do we know if it is born in racism or if it is born in passion and disagreement? >> i do not think -- if you are a racist, it shows, the way you live your life, the way you interact with your neighbors, the would you practice law, the way you deal with your
1:24 am
constituents. everyone is says -- everyone knows joe is surprised because he is a mild-mannered guy. greta: there are other candidates who have been the target of -- let me just say that we have eight conference from the new haven police and the murder. >> which we have a news conference. >> there has not been an arrest in this case -- we have a news conference. >> there has not been an arrest. there is the residence where there is an employee from yale university. there was also a second search warrant signed. so that he could be taken into custody for the purpose of gathering evidence. a city he cooperates with us, and we get the physical evidence we want, he will be released --
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assuming he cooperates. we have interviewed over 150 people, some of whom we have interviewed a second time. we have many pieces of evidence seized so far, and much of it is already in the laboratory. once we continue through this process and try to narrow down who the suspect is in this horrendous crime -- we're also making sure there are nine other suspects, so we are avoiding the issue of tunnel vision. we are looking at everyone who had access to that building during that time period, and we are narrowing this down. those two search warrants were served in the last five minutes. he is with us now. if he cooperates and be it physical evidence from him, -- and we get the physical
1:26 am
evidence from him -- there is the dna. we will be looking for those types of physical evidence. >> are you bringing in here? >> no. that is correct. if he complies, this is not an arrest warrant. this is a search warrant. i am not going to answer any questions in that respect. i do not know if he is cooperating yet. we are taking him to a location where he could deliver this is the evidence. age 24. he is a person of interest. that is the reason the search warrant was issued by the judge. we do not want to let out the information.
1:27 am
this is a typical process. we will take samples of his hair and a sample from him, scrapes, and there are a variety of things we do to get evidence off of a body. it is standard procedure. we have known where he was at all along. he was exactly where he was expected to be when we serve the search warrant. >> was the home tonight -- when we served the search warrant. >> was he home tonight? >> we have always know where he was at. from what i understand, he has an attorney. i am not aware of any statement. >> what was his relationship
1:28 am
with annie le? >> we are not able to speculate on anything. i am not going to talk abut any of the evidence issues. -- i am not going to talk about any of the evidence issues. we want to make sure there are not other suspects out there. we want to make sure that everything is done as it should be, and the state is serving that search warrant, and they will collect the evidence. we have to take it to the laboratory, and we will expedite it as much as we can, but we want to get it right. if he does not cooperate, then he will be arrested for resisting, and he has no choice with compliance. >> we will give you a press
1:29 am
release that has the address on it. that is one search warrant. the second search warrant is in essence a body search warrant. it is him. he is the piece of evidence. he is a laboratory technician. >> how long do you anticipate it will take? >> that is something really hard to speculate. it could take 24 hours. it could take 72 hours. we will get the evidence back as quickly as we can, and then we will move forward from there. >> why is he a person of interest? >> we have narrow this down to who had access and what time they had and what locations. like i said, we went through 700 hours of video, and that
1:30 am
involved a lot of computer work to find out who was in what room when. >> where is the laboratory located? >> i do not know the address of the state laboratory. >> the person believed to be the assailant? >> we have a lot of evidence from the crime scene. greta: you are looking at the press conference at yale university. the news tonight, two search warrants have been issued, one of a person and another of a place. no doubt, they are looking for dna, anything that connects the person of interest to the woman who has been murdered. we are going to continue to monitor this, but big news, and two search warrants. we will be back, and let's face it. iran wants to destroy israel. it has weapons.
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greta: let's go to rick leventhal with more on the breaking news of the murder of the yale student annie le. >> we have heard a lot of rumors, and some of proven true, but one was not. one was that the suspect had taken off, and that's a nice, the press conference, they would announce that they were searching for the fugitive, but that is not the case. they have named the suspect as a 24-year-old lab technician who is a person of interest in the murder of the girl. they went to his home in connecticut tonight, and they served two search warrants, one on his home, and on his body. they brought him to secure police facility where he will be
1:35 am
forced, they say, to give d&a, saliva. they want to compare it to evidence that has been recovered from the street in what they believe to be the homicide. if he does not cooperate, if they do not get the samples that they need, then he will be arrested, but they are calling him a person of interest, and they say if they provide him with the samples, they will let him go, but they will not let him out their side, and they say it will take 72 hours to analyze the dna evidence that he provides. greta: is there any suggestion that she was familiar with him at all? someone she may have worked with in the laboratory? >> yes, police would not go into detail with the possible relationship between these two except to say that they did work out of the same laboratory. he was an employee, a laboratory technician, apparently worked
1:36 am
with animals, and she was a graduation student at the university doing experiments in the laboratory, -- she was a grad student. "the new york post" as a story online that discusses the suspect and has interviews with people -- has a story. they claim that there really was no relationship there. greta: i take it that they had such a good security system going in and out of the building, as well as surveillance cameras. anything weird or unusual about his background? >> i have heard some things that i cannot confirm, but as far as the security is concerned, they knew, there are 99.9% certain of who was there when she had swiped her id card. you had to do that twice apparently to get into the building, so there was a list of people do have access, and she was one of them, and the suspect
1:37 am
is one of the others, and he has been identified again as a person of interest. they have, as i said, issued a warrant on his home and his person, looking to get evidence relative to this homicide investigation. we have heard, as i mentioned, for days now that this was the person they are looking at and looking for. perhaps this was an unrequited love between the two. there were rumors about his possible dislike for her. again, this was not something that i can confirm, and the police do not want to go into any details with the evidence that they have, and suffice it to say that they are looking at this person very closely. there are reports that he failed a lie detector test during questioning. the new haven police department questioned more than 150 people, some of them more than once, and we had heard that he had failed a lie detector test and stopped
1:38 am
answering questions and ask for a lawyer. they confirmed that he had a warrior. they did not confirm that he failed a lie detector test -- he had a lawyer, the clothing was apparently stashed between a ceiling tile, and we are told that the clothing did not belong to her but that belonged to the killer, so once they get his hair, saliva, his blood, and they compare it to whatever is on the clothing, if they can match the clothing to him and to her, they may have put the pieces of this puzzle together, greta. greta: thank you. as we told you earlier, we planned to air a report with an interview with the honduran leader. because of this breaking news, we will do that tomorrow night, so come back tomorrow night for this very important interview out of honduras. up next, are we close to that very dangerous boiling point?
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with guaranteed repairs through auto repair express. protects against enamel loss by forming a micro-thin shield against acid attack. only crest pro-health toothpastes protect all these areas dentists check most. new crest pro-health enamel shield. >> from america's news headquarters, joe biden is in baghdad meeting with troops his mission is set to help resolve
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political differences. insurgents' fired mortar shells at the greenstone after his arrival tuesday but a news is learning -- tuesday. fox news is learning to civilians were killed. blockbuster will be closing 2000 of their obvious stores next year. the company is hoping to reverse its losses by sending out the rental kiosks at other stores are running the country. no word on how many employees could stand to lose their jobs. now back to "on the record." thank you for watching. blunt questions that must be answered. can iran be stopped from going nuclear? and what happens if iran pushes forward with its program no matter what? days from now on october 1, that is when the face-to-face talks begins. iran is set to negotiate with russia, china, france, and
1:44 am
germany, and regardless of what iran says, can israel ever feel safe? joining us is a foreign minister. good evening, sir. >> thank you, greta, good to be here. how in the world -- greta: how in the world can israel ever feel safe? ahmadinejad has said he wants to wipe them off the face of the world. >> is iran becomes nuclear, and it becomes an existential threat for the entire globe, not just for israel -- if iran becomes nuclear. it has global reach, coupled with a very dangerous radical policy. they have their professed ambitions, which they have not even bothered to hide, which is to turn around the middle east to iranian hegemony, to even go
1:45 am
beyond, and we know that they are trying to penetrate latin america, and they have a friend and ally, like hugo chavez of venezuela. they are pushing and africa. we also know how they are supporting very actively terror organizations, whether it is hamas or islamic jihad. iran, god forbid, becomes nuclear, i think that the world order will not be as we know it. there is a danger that will be really something which is -- that cannot be imagined, and iran must be stopped. i believe it can be stopped. greta: the more that iran keep sort of talking and sort of almost using other nations in the discussion, it gives them more time, gives them more capability, and i suspect that
1:46 am
israel is very carefully watching everything having to do with iran, and they were going to russia to buy the missiles so that it can protect its nuclear installation, so time is not on your side, and the more that iran can sit and talk, the more than it has a chance to develop what it can do. >> time is not on our side. you mentioned, greta, the missiles. i would like to believe that russia will continue to be a very responsible country, and they do have a commitment to prevent iran from becoming a nuclear, certainly, and such a sophisticated defense system will make iran boulder, and, of course, to continue what they are doing now which will make iran -- will make iran bolder.
1:47 am
greta: white in the world are they selling iran missiles to preserve and protect them from people coming in to take up their nuclear programs -- why in the world? >> absolutely, but, greta, i am not aware of the fact that -- they are selling them. we have been engaged in very intense talks with the russians. so was the american administration here, and i hope we will not be in a position where we really have to deal with such a real dangerous development, which can only go south if iran, indeed, has these capabilities to defend its installations and feel, as i say, inherent from any consequence, but also, i want to emphasize here that there is a
1:48 am
very easy way to stop the iranians, if, indeed, the world will come together. iran, with all of the bravado, is a very vulnerable country. we have witnessed this vulnerability in the realm of their politics and the social areas, after the elections of there, the brutal crash, but economically, greta, they will not be able to sustain effective -- more than a few weeks, and once they have a pricetag, for their violations, all of the demands of the international community, i believe that they will have the dilemma and not us with how to stop them, and i do believe that the ayatollah will not want to collapse or risk their well- being, so that is why the threat of sanctions, i think, guarantees will be very effective, if, indeed, the
1:49 am
international community can come together and make this -- greta: i hope the sanctions work. i also hope the meeting in october is very successful, as well. all right, let me turn to another in conversation. the construction. president obama wants that to stop. we only have about 30 seconds left, but it does not look like that is going to stop. >> we have limited construction there in a very significant way. we do not want to allow any excuses for the palestinians to come forward. but they need to meet us halfway,ñ they have to dismantle an outlaw all of the terrorist organizations. indeed, to meet us halfway diplomatically, that has not been the case. we have called on them to meet with us. we are ready to meet with them without preconditions, and i hope this will be the case on
1:50 am
their part, as well. also, the coexistence in a peaceful way. greta: deputy foreign minister, always great to see you, sir. up next, the best of the what i need
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute greta: you have seen our top stories, but here is the best of the rest. this dog just saved its owner from a bear attack. the man was starting a hike near sacramento when he spotted a mother bear and her cubs in the bushes. the man took off running, but the 300 pound mother bear caught up to him. he tried to play dead, but the
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bear attacked. this is where the dog got into the picture and scared away. nice work. let me start of this story by saying yes, i am from wisconsin. now that i have established that, and man from wisconsin was arrested driving drunk. did we mention the man was driving and motorized wheelchair? he was caught at 2:30 in the morning during heavy fog rolling on the ramp that led to the interstate with the blood alcohol level almost three times the legal level. not a great defense. finally, those blankets with sleeves you have seen on television are apparently in style. it has been unveiled on the catwalks at new york's fashion week. they are introducing the latest styles. who would have guessed it would have become so huge? and there you have it, the best of the rest. still ahead, one last quick call
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greta: 11:00 is almost here. it is time, last call. and that everybody seems to agree. kanye west acted like a jerk at the mtv video music awards when
1:59 am
the country music star taylor swift was accepting her award. he took the microphone and said that beyonce deserved the award. she was on "the view" today explaining it from her point of view. >> my thought process was like, wow wow, i cannot believe i won. this is awesome. do not trip and fall. i want to give thanks to fans. this is so cool. oh, kanye west is here. [applause] kanye west is here. arcola haircut. what are you doing? and then -- cool haircut. and then, i guess i am not going to be able to think the fans. greta: taylor swift says kanye west was sincere in his apology when he called her. thanks for being here